Law Case Summaries is a resource aimed to assist law students. We know how difficult it can be to read through all of the recommended and required readings for law school, so we are trying to create a database of case summaries. These summaries can assist you with your coursework, essays and exams.

Our case summaries provide brief overviews of cases. They can be read alone, or in conjunction with the entire case. You can print or save cases, and save them for later. Note: if you are a registered user, you can save them to your profile. Otherwise, you will lose your saved cases if you clear your cookies.

This resource is currently a work in progress. We encourage you to suggest cases you would like us to summarise, to help grow this resource. Please note, that for now Law Case Summaries is aimed at Australian law students. We hope at some stage to expand our database to include other common law countries – if you are interested in helping us to write about other jurisdictions, please contact us.

While we welcome non-law students having a read of our notes, please note this is not legal advice. If you have a legal problem, please contact a legal professional. Also, while we try to ensure accuracy of our case summaries, we cannot guarantee it. These resources are designed to be just one tool to help with your studies. Please read our disclaimer in full.