Re Residential Tenancies Tribunal of NSW v Henderson; Ex parte Defence Housing Authority (1997) 190 CLR 410

Facts Dr Henderson owned a house which was leased by the Defence Housing Authority (DHA). Under s 5(1) of the Defence Housing Authority Act (Cth), the function of the DHA is to provide adequate and suitable housing for members of the […]

Re Australian Education Union & Australian Nursing Federation; ex parte Victoria (1995) 184 CLR 188

Facts The Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) can refrain from hearing a dispute if that dispute could instead be handled by an appropriate State body. Victoria had previously abolished its state system established a new regime in the regulation of […]

Amalgamated Society of Engineers v Adelaide Steamship Co Ltd (1920) 28 CLR 129

Facts A union of engineers commenced a claim in the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration against Adelaide Steamship Co Ltd for an award relating to 844 employers across Australia. In Western Australia, the employers included three State governmental employers. […]